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How To Order Coupons
ORDERING: In order to order any coupons from our website. Once you login to our website you may click MY ACCOUNT on top and register as new customer..You may also try to select coupons and then login as new customer...You will need to add your name address and financial info as you checkout.. We will need your email address to contact and send shipping confirmation. Once you complete the registration, you may go ahead and click on the coupons you like and add it to the shopping cart. When you add 1 (one ) to your cart, you'll receive 3 single coupons ( our minimum). Each price you see is for 3 single coupons. Once you complete adding coupons to your cart, you may go to next option and select shipping method ( First class, Priority ). Then you may select your payment option ( Credit, Paypal etc). All orders are processed within 24 hours. Please contact us if you have any issues.
EXPIRED COUPONS: We may have expired coupons available up to 2 weeks. Please check dates before you order. If you order by mistake, you may contact for credit.

MAILING DAYS & HOURS: We mail orders Monday-Friday 9am-2pm, Saturday 9am-12am eastern time . Mailing location 34685 FLORIDA.